WUGWU Committees and Chairs

Executive Committee (2 chairs)

The Executive Committee will be composed of the Executive Chairs and the Committee Chairs. The Executive Chairs (2) are responsible for executing each of the committees’ and our union’s goals. This includes coordinating with Committee Chairs and overseeing union-wide dissemination of information.

Some Responsibilities of the Executive Committee Chairs

  • Scheduling and planning General Membership meetings and Executive Committee meetings;
  • Moderation of meetings to ensure equal representation of members without stifling discussion;
  • Recording and organizing minutes for meetings, with an emphasis on clearly defining and assigning tasks to individual chairs and committee members;
  • Management and oversight of any union policies or procedures, including any nominations or elections;
  • Regular communication with Committee Chairs to ensure that tasks and goals are being met;
  • Coordination with SEIU Local 1 staff  regarding greater goals of our union and for the labor movement in St. Louis.

Membership Committee (2 chairs)

The Membership Committee is tasked with engaging both existing members as well as recruiting new members. The Membership Committee Chairs will oversee the development of organizing conversations throughout various campus departments and will help bridge connections between our general membership and each of our committees.

Some Responsibilities of the Membership Committee and its Chairs

  • In conjunction with the Communications Chairs and SEIU Local 1 staff, the Membership Chairs must track membership numbers. It is essential to have constant engagement and growth of our membership;
  • Consistently scheduling one-on-ones with members to identify important issues/discuss areas for engagement and create connections between members who have similar issues and interests;
  • Ensuring sign-up conversations are happening at a steady rate and developing department organizing as a whole;
  • Establishing and maintaining contact with at least one member leader in each department with whom we can work on new member outreach in that department.

Communications Committee  (2 chairs)

The Communications Committee will coordinate the internal and external communications of our union. One chair shall be responsible for overseeing written communications/traditional media, and the other chair digital communications, as described below.

Some Responsibilities of the Communications Committee and its Chairs

Media Chair (1)

The Media Chair is responsible for the execution of tasks involving the articulation of the vision and goals of our union and its members. The responsibilities of this position include: expressing the platform of our union regarding social and political concerns through opinion editorials and other written work; and, collaborating with the Action Committee to communicating about events and actions to union members.

Digital Chair (1)

The chair of Digital Communications is tasked with the oversight and management of WUGWU’s social media presence, the maintenance of our website (wugwu.org), and, in conjunction with the demands of other committees, the timely production of graphical material (posters, flyers, membership cards, documents).

Actions Committee (2 chairs)

The Actions Committee is tasked with moving our membership to take public action that will promote the objectives of our union.

Some Responsibilities of the Actions Committee and its Chairs (2)

  • Identifying venues and spaces for actions;
  • Identifying issues that graduate workers want to address in conjunction with the Membership Committee/Chairs through surveys, conversations, and email campaigns in conjunction with the Communications Chairs;
  • Working with the Executive Committee and SEIU Local 1 staff to plan successful actions, including but not limited to rallies, occupations, and if necessary, strikes;
  • Preparing materials for actions, including physical props, banners, outlines for leaflets;
  • Spearheading action turnout, including organizing phonebanks and textbanks.

Allies and Outreach Committee (2 chairs)

The Allies and Outreach Committee will be in charge of establishing, maintaining, and furthering relationships with other organizations (internal to WashU as well external) that promote the objectives of our union.

Some Responsibilities of the Allies Committee and Its Chairs

  • Managing a list of current relationships with allied groups, including contact info;
  • Strategizing outreach to potential allies;
  • Maintaining relationships and providing support to allies in need as feasible (via reciprocal action attendance, social media promotion, shared meetings, shared contacts and resources, etc.) in consultation with the Executive Committee and other committees;
  • Serving as a point person for incoming inquiries from other groups, in conjunction with the Communications Chairs.


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