List of Graduate Unions

The grassroots movement to organize graduate workers is growing by the year, as the Harvard Graduate Student Union timeline (right) shows. Below we’ve listed grad unions who have won recognition from their private universities and organizations currently fighting for recognition. For a list that includes more public universities, see the Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions.

Recognized Unions


New York University (UAW)


Columbia University (UAW)

Yale University (Unite Here)


American University (SEIU)

Brandeis University (SEIU)

The New School (UAW)

Tufts University (SEIU)


Brown University (AFT)

Georgetown University (AFT)

Harvard University (UAW)

Ongoing Campaigns

Boston University (UAW)

Cornell University (AFT)

Duke University (SEIU)

Emory University (SEIU)

Fordham University (UAW)

George Washington University (SEIU)

Northeastern University (UAW)

Northwestern University (AFT)

Princeton University (AFT)

University of Pennsylvania (AFT)

University of Pittsburgh (USW)

University of Southern California (SEIU)

Vanderbilt University (SEIU)