This leak is damning, unprecedented for Amazon and evidence that it very much sees itself as fighting a two-front war right now - against Covid-19, and against what it views as the existential dangers of a unionized workforce in warehouses: https://t.co/iuu58ADYL3

To support grad workers through COVID19:

📜Settle a fair union contract
📆One more funded year in our programs
⚖Protect international grads' visas and positions & send extra financial assistance to parents
💊Free COVID treatment & paid sick leave
✊Don't fire if you won't hire

At our meeting last night, we wanted to show support for striking workers across the country-at Instacart, Amazon, and even right here at local McDonalds (@Show_Me15 !)-fighting 4 hazard pay, paid sick leave, and adequate PPE during this COVID-19 crisis ! #ProtectALLWorkers ✊🔥

new from me, in @chronicle: universities haven't given graduate students' needs enough attention in this difficult moment. but they can (start to) address that by giving us more funding, systematic support, & flexibility with requirements (#GoodEnoughPhD). https://t.co/Ye1iBBOlfd

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