"Krewson’s announcement came amid an ongoing campaign by area janitors seeking a wage of at least $15 an hour from cleaning contractors." #1STL #UnionsForAll https://t.co/6xOZyEjzjM

We’re happy to see a pathway to $15/hour happening across St. Louis—as it has for all non-student workers @WUSTL—so it’s time for 2,100 janitors @SEIULocal1 and student workers to also get $15 in our checks! #1STL

Rachel Lippmann@rlippmann

INBOX - @LydaKrewson says she has established a $15 minimum wage for city civil service employees.

Friends, help me convince my department to pay TAs more. If your university pays over 5k a course for TAs, can you post a link w info that I can send to my chair?


If Missouri were to expand its Medicaid program under the terms of the ACA, 219,000 uninsured nonelderly adults would become eligible for coverage.

That's 47% of the state's uninsured, nonelderly population. https://t.co/WpvumYSTQE

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