Mission Statement

We are a union of graduate student workers at Washington University in St. Louis advocating for recognition of our extensive contributions to the University. Our current campaign seeks to secure a $15 hourly minimum wage ($31,000 stipend) and free childcare services for every campus worker. 

Without the labor of graduate students and other workers on campus, the University could not continue to sustain itself. We firmly believe that only we as graduate workers know what we need in a constantly changing economic climate. As such, we demand affordable healthcare including vision and dental, pay parity for Master’s students, and sufficient childcare provisions for working graduate families. Despite the University’s significant monetary investments against our efforts, we continue to fight for our rights as valuable employees. We unite with workers at other local institutions of higher education with SEIU Local 1, and engage in a broader, nationwide movement to fight for labor protections and dignified working conditions for all. Universities have a responsibility to invest in the wellbeing of their students and employees, and we will hold Wash U to that standard.